This project developed with Greg Whitney, focuses introducing a high-density multi-use mega structure into the low density context of Los Angeles, California.
 Vertical tower typologies cluster together to form building groups, while horizontal mat type structures form a connective tissue between the clusters. 
 Where the horizontal and vertical building typologies connect a corruption within the tower cluster forms creating an atrium space that acts as a programmatic mixing chamber, blending users and stimulating unique cultural and economic opportunities. 
 The stimulus for this development is the introduction of the EXPO elevated rail line that cuts through the middle of the building and not only services the structure but creates an opportunity to re-think the way in which this typically car centric city can be navigated and inhabited. 
 The site houses a variety of apartment types, integrated educational facilities, retail spaces, museum and cultural facilities as well as office spaces. By placing a high density mega structure on a major rail corridor we see the potential for a major car based city to begin to shift the way it operates to a more sustainable, holistically operating living strategy.
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