This project was conceived as a secondary system that could be infused into an existing loft. Comprised of curvilinear two inch thick parametrically defined walnut walls and backed by a plywood support structure, this installation was designed to be pre-fabricated off site, then installed as a panelized system. 
 Walnut sheets were routed into approximately 5000 unique shapes, these pieces were then installed onto 35 unique support panels.
 The assembled panels were then CNC milled to form solid  curvilinear walnut wall sections, finally they were hand polished and oiled
 The complete architectural insert features, 4 doors, 2 closets, 2 sinks, cabinetry, integrated seating, a shower, and a wet bar, all built using these techniques. 
 This installation forms the center of an otherwise conventional loft, intertwining itself with the residence’s program, strategically activating key areas within different rooms with the architectural features listed above.
  The scale and scope of this project was truly groundbreaking for the methods of fabrication employed and required the participation of myself and the entire staff at Situ Fabrication to construct. Installation is expected to be completed in the summer of 2014.
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