This project was to streamlined the creation site context geometry for use in physical as well as digital models.
 GIS data is imported into grasshopper where it is organized and processed, this data then informs the generation of context geometry such as topographical surfaces and building massing.
 A shape file containing a cities GIS data is deconstructed and processed by grasshopper, the process outputs a series of well organized points that are the basis of the geometry that is to be generated, when a line is interpolated through these points it constructs context elements such as topography lines and curb cutouts, height data is applied to these curves grasshopper generates extrusions such as building masses,or contour lies positioned at the correct elevation. This 3d model is then exported to rhino to become the cut files for a physical model or a digital context file.
Lasercut wood.jpg
Paris Laser Etched.jpg
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