This project focuses on creating a dynamic, open air space, utilizing a collaboration of cutting edge parametric design tools and traditional wood working techniques.   All Photos   ©   John Muggenborg
 This pavilion was designed by CDR Architects in  New York, NY, and built by myself and two other employees at Situ Fabrication in Brooklyn, NY.   
 Designed to be a private open air retreat, the pavilion features an integrated bench, a glass roof to protect from inclement weather, and is fully screened to defend against insects.
 Most importantly the pavilion offers a large inlaid mahogany floor that provides space to practice yoga, the most prevalent program assigned to the space.   
 An aluminum frame sandwiches a system of mahogany cells, recalling the organizational system that defines a dragonfly’s wings.   
 All work on the pavilion was done by hand, utilizing traditional wood working techniques to form the complex parametrically defined compound miter joints.   
 In a time where complex computational design techniques are becoming a common place in academia, pavilion projects such as this are fascinating canvases in which to explore the real world feasibility of these emerging technologies.   
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