The goal of this project was to remove the speed and reliability issues project teams experience when housing 3d furniture models within a Revit design model. This was accomplished by automating the generation of a second separate Revit file that housed 3D furniture families for use with VR and other Visualization needs.
 2d furniture families are read from a Revit file using Dynamo, 3D files are then generated in their place using their attribute and location data. Architects and interior designers design furniture plans using light 2-dimensional families within the base Revit file, these families are used for the generation of plans within this file.
 Dynamo reads these 2-dimensional files and extracts their family and type parameters as well as their level, location, and rotation. This data is then used to populate a linked version of the original file with the proper 3-dimensional furniture, ready to be used for VR walkthroughs or renderings.
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